About us

Negotium Overseas

NEGOTIUM OVERSEAS sro is providing various industrial products ranging from rolling stock and railway equipment, devices and solutions for tramway and trolleybus infrastructure, point machines for tramways and light rail systems, tramway and trolleybus signalling systems, including depots, electronic power modules, such as AC-DC Power Module, AC-SC Switching Power Supply, LED Power Module, DC-DC Converter, AC-DC Medical Power Module, AC-DC Brick, with a wide applications in IT, energy, medical equipment, lasers, etc., various forgings and castings, as well as other specific equipment or products on customer’s request.

NEGOTIUM OVERSEAS sro is providing services through its Czech partner in the field of quality inspection, product certification, quality management system certification, equipment and product testing.

NEGOTIUM OVERSEAS sro is also operating as commercial agent and distributor for the following foreign companies:

  • ELEKTROLINE as/Czech Republic
  • SZU – ENGINEERING TEST INSTITUTE/Czech Republic (Strojírenský zkušební ústav, s.p.)
  • ECOMAISTER/South Korea
  • ROIDMI/China

For details concerning the products from ARCH ELECTRONICS CORP and ROIDMI, kindly also please visit our E-Shop online.