Products and services

Negotium Overseas

Rolling stock and railway equipment, machine tools for rolling stock and railway

Tandem CNC Underfloor
Wheel Lathe

Devices & solutions for tramway and trolleybuses

Devices and solutions

Point machines for tramway and light rail systems

Point Machines

Signalling systems for tramways and trolleybuses

Signalling systems

Services for product certification, testing and inspection

Services for product

We provide a wide range of consulting and business management services, according to our own business model (see PDF attached), with a view to help custoers in finding business plans and opportunities in accordance with their requirements.

Product and equipment outsourcing according to customer’s specific requirements
Mediation and negotiation expertise
Prototyping (new product development, product redesign, sampling requirements)
Team specialist services
Project management and consulting, from start-up to finish of business project
New distribution channels and market expansion
Quality control

Conducting with due diligence, extensive research and performing factory evaluations with the scope to find and decide on the right manufacturer

Development of customized QC together with our clients, examining the merchandise during production process and before shipments; if needed, any single product that comes from the assembly line is also checked to ensure that goods are “consumer-accepted”

New product and marketing promotion
Business planning
Increasing sales profile
On time delivery
Preparation of proposals for new trade channels