Negotium Overseas

Business services play a major role in all modern economies: an efficient services sector is considered to be crucial for trade and economic growth and for dynamic and resilient economies.

Services provide a vital support to the economy as a whole and more specifically to industry, for example through finance, logistics and communications.

Increased trade in services and the widespread availability of services may boost economic growth by improving the performance of other industries, since services can provide key intermediate inputs, especially in an increasingly interlinked and globalised world.

Briefly our services are covering the following activities:

  • Supporting the business sector in its efforts to achieve export growth.
  • Developing contact with buyers and procurement personnel.
  • Identifying business partners for client exporters.
  • Advise client exporters on appropriate market entry strategies for specific markets.
  • Provide a quality trade and marketing advisory service to client exporters.
  • Strengthen the relationship with client companies in order to encourage and support their commitment to export growth.
  • Monitor the performance of exports and exporters, and provide senior management with an early warning if there is an adverse shift in the host country's economic climate.
  • Represent the country's industry at relevant fora. This includes, speaking engagements and presentations to industrial groups.
  • Contributing to policy debates.
  • Prepare briefing material for government and senior management on market related issues.
  • Develop a relationship with professional advisors.
  • Retain the services of and to manage specialised consultants.
  • Manage trade fairs and other group promotional activities.
  • Helping exporters establish distribution in a specific market.
  • Undertaking market research assignments.
  • Set up business missions for exporters.
  • Investment promotion (foreign direct investment).
  • Engage in representational activities.
  • Promoting bilateral trade issues.

As Commercial Agent for company SZU/Czech Republic, we are entitled to facilitate for interested companies various services for assessment of evaluation activities of product conformity, referring to testing and CE certification, as well as inspection services of different kind of equipment and machinery.

Details concerning the above services of testing and CE certification may be found in the homepage section allotted to SZU (Services for product testing, certification and inspection)